• sunset with yellow wildflowers at Point Dume, Malibu, California
    Healthy Behaviors,  Mental Health

    Stress Management

    Does this picture got you feeling stressed? (Probably not because it’s obviously staged, but we can pretend:)) Nevertheless, this pictures shows an instance of when the stress response is adaptive and necessary for survival (University of Minnesota, 2016). Stress is…

  • tray of homemade sweet potato energy balls
    Recipes,  Snacks & Treats

    Sweet Potato Energy Balls

    Who doesn’t love a snack? Healthy snacks are an important part of a balanced diet-curbing hunger so you don’t over eat at meals and keeping your metabolism running smoothly. Being an athlete and a student means I’m almost always down…

  • Everyday Life

    Welcome to Our Blog!

    Hello and welcome! We are a mother-daughter duo from Colorado looking to inspire wholesome and happy living in our community. We want to share our passion for health and wellness to others in our community. We’ll be posting healthy recipes,…

  • Healthy Behaviors

    Get Some Zzz’s

    Abby is the best sleeper I’ve ever known. Unless she’s eating dinner or taking a walk, you’ll most likely find her ‘holding down the bed’ in my parents’ bedroom. Now, we humans don’t need (or have time) to get the…

  • Nutrition

    Does nutrition really matter?

    What if a new virus hit the world and was killing 400,000 Americans a year? Medical professionals and scientists would spend millions of dollars to try to find a way to cure and/or eradicate it. America’s #1 killer is heart…

  • Healthy Behaviors

    Motivation and Goal Setting

    “Why would I lose an hour of sleep just to exercise?” “Healthy eating is so boring and tasteless” “Being healthy isn’t worth it” Do these sound like something you would say? Does the idea of healthy living make you feel…