Introducing: Bake it Forward!

Big announcement this week, especially for our Northern Colorado friends! We are happy to introduce the newest endeavor for Wholesome and Happy Life: Bake it Forward, a donation-based baked goods catering service! Our Mission is to give back to our Northern Colorado community and support local charities by baking healthy and delicious treats on a donation based price. Profits made beyond production costs is donated directly to a community organization! We are a donation-based, pay-as-you-can company, meaning we have no set price for our baked goods. Pay as much or as little as you can, knowing your money will be put to good use. We had a test run for Easter in our neighborhood, and after its success, we have decided to go full steam ahead!

How It Works

A couple weeks before major holidays we will send out a form for you to complete with a couple choices of baked goods. We will specify our production costs for each batch of baked goods. You will indicate what treats you want, when and where you would like us to deliver them, and how much you would like to pay. Special requests may be available, including half-batches and allergen concerns. We (Kate and Becca) will bake your treats the day of/night before drop-off, and deliver them to you or the designated pick up spot. We will request payment after your baked goods have been delivered, and donate the profits! While we would love to deliver all across the state and the country, we are limiting our distribution to Fort Collins and Loveland Colorado areas.

What Kind of Baked Goods are Available?

We will have multiple options for each holiday we are doing a delivery, and every holiday the options will be a little different! No promises on what the options will be like, but we can promise they will be both HEALTHY and DELICIOUS! The treats have lower added sugar, lower saturated fats, and higher nutrients than your average bakery or boxed mix. We try to use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible such as pure maple syrup, natural nut butters, and organic oats. Additionally, for each order, there will be at least one vegan option available and one option that is/could be made gluten free.

Our first delivery! Vegan Lemon Blueberry Scones and Carrot Cake Muffins

Memorial Day Delivery: Brownies and Blueberry Bars

Peanut Butter Brownies

Our first official round will be for Memorial Day Weekend in a couple weeks. Two delivery dates are available, Saturday, May 23rd morning or Sunday, May 24th afternoon. We will be offering two treats, each a spin off of two summer classics (brownies and blueberry pie)-Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies and Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars. They are both vegan, both have a gluten free option, both made with wholesome ingredients, and most importantly: DELICIOUS! Definitely a couple of my favorite recipes I’ve made, and definitely do not last long in this household;P While we may not be having raging memorial day parties, we can still celebrate summer and barbecue season with these treats!! For this order, to help support COVID-19 relief in our community, payment beyond the cost of production will be donated towards the Northern Colorado COVID-19 Response Fund, organized by United Way.

Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars

Have I convinced you yet?! A delicious batch of guilt free treats PLUS a donation to support your local community! If interested, please fill out this google form to put in your order by Saturday May 16th. We are limiting our orders to 15 batches each delivery day, so be sure to fill it out quickly. We cannot wait to serve you some delicious treats!


How Can I Get Notified about the Next Order?

Maybe you don’t want to take part in this round, or maybe you want to be sure you don’t miss out on the next, but by signing up here you will be on our mailing list so you will automatically be emailed when have a new order form available.


What if I want Baked Goods Beyond Holidays?

If you are interested in delivered baked goods separate from our holiday orders, we would be happy to provide treats for a special occasion! This could include cookies, quick breads, brownies, muffins, scones, cakes/cupcakes, and more. You can get more treat inspiration from our past orders, our Instagram, or if you have your own request. In this case, we will give you a quote on the costs and portion of the profits will be donated to a charity of your choice! Please give us at least two weeks notice before you need the baked goods. If you are interested, please contact us here:

We hope to bake you some delicious treats soon!

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