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My Dark Green Thumb

I posted a picture last week of the gorgeous green grapes growing in my yard:

Pretty, aren’t they? They were delicious too, but I can’t take credit for much other than watering the vine over the summer and harvesting them. The vines were already here when we moved into this house 1.5 years ago. So were tons of pretty flowers that I haven’t killed yet 😂.

Making sure my irrigation system is up and running is key for gardening in Colorado with our periods of drought. But I have some gardening failures too:

My tomato plant and lettuce bowl are pretty sad looking!

So I say I have a “dark green” thumb since I can keep some things alive, but I struggle (I figure a green thumb mixed with a black thumb is a dark green thumb😊). I would really like to work on this because nothing tastes better than fresh picked veggies and fruits. So next summer…

In the meantime, at least I have some nice basil 🌿:

Nice bright green basil!

If you have any tips for helping me with my gardening, please send them my way. In the meantime, I’m going to make some pesto! (although mine will be with basil, not arugula).

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