Keeping positive amid OCVID 19
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Silver Linings Amidst Chaos

Life is hard all over the world right now. COVID 19 has changed life as we know it in large and small ways. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all healthcare professionals on the front line of the pandemic who are fighting to save lives and protect the rest of us (and themselves). We’d also like to give thanks to some of the folks who are still in close contact with the virus, but don’t get as much recognition for their contribution, such as cleaning folks who are cleaning up hospital rooms and the grocery store employees working so we can eat. And all those trying to help by making needed protective equipment.

But amidst all of the chaos, there are some positive things happening too. Since we can all use a little boost, I’m going to throw out a list of positive things I’ve seen happening. Feel free to add more in your comments below!

My family started weekly Happy Hour on Friday afternoons that we look forward to all week. Along with some special sippings like beer from our local breweries, we also try to have some special snacking treats.

Our dogs are super happy to have us all home, and we are also enjoying seeing so many families walking, running, rollerblading and biking in our neighborhood and on the bike paths around Fort Collins

Abby looks super happy these days!

More people are able to have homecooked, family meals together! And let’s not forget all the #quarantinebaking. If you need some inspiration, check out our instagram, our one of the recipes we have on the blog including this Blueberry Banana Bread!

Blueberry Banana Bread

The environmental impacts of stay-at-home have been very positive from the canals in Venice to aerial photos of Wuhan showing drastically less air pollution. The COVID-19 pandemic could help climate change, by promoting collaboration and innovation across the globe.

People are getting more artistic in our neighborhood too!

Wholesome & Happy Life launches Bake It Forward. We will be making scones and muffins for our neighbors for Easter brunch and donating the profits to a local COVID 19 relief. We plan to continue baking for future holidays and special events.

I have noticed so many people making huge efforts to unify, support, and bring us all together. Prior to the pandemic, life had become so polarized. It is beautiful to watch people lifting folks up on social media and elsewhere. Let’s continue this!

The world has overcome so many things over the years and we will overcome this too and emerge stronger. Keep positive, help others, and find your silver lining!

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