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The Adventures of Becca & Kate

Skate Skiing at Snow Mountain Ranch

When we first started this blog, we described it this way: “We’ll be posting healthy recipes, nutritional guidance, wholesome behavior choices, and fun adventures we’ve shared. Look for meal and snack inspirations, tips and tricks to promote healthy living, and how to balance it all out to enjoy life to the fullest.”  I think we have covered the food, nutrition, and behavior guidance pretty well, but we haven’t posted any of our adventures here (although the Instagram account has documented some!)

So today I’d like to talk about a few of our adventures and the importance of social interactions and play for a wholesome and happy life. Today’s world is incredibly busy. In addition, it’s easy to waste some of our precious free time on screens instead of personal interaction.  While this piece would have no purpose if we all abandoned our screen time, too much of it alienates us from people and adventures.  Ironically, I received a notification while I was writing this and I popped over to see what it was without even thinking about my topic!  Social media is invasive! And it’s not going away, but let’s remember to focus on people and experiences because that is what brings us true happiness.  

Break Time!

While Becca was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, we managed to pack in a lot of fun adventures! Obviously, Colorado is no stranger to snow, but getting 16″ before Thanksgiving isn’t typical. We had lots of snow shoveling, playing with the dogs in the snow, and canoe pulls for Becca!  Our family also tries to do something “black” on Black Friday that does not involve shopping. This year we went to a local brewery and had a black rye IPA and a black Schwarz beer.

Becca pulling a canoe up our snow covered street

Christmas break brought more fun times. Becca, my son, Rick, Becca’s boyfriend, Mickey, and I all signed up for a free skate ski lesson. The day was cold at 13 degrees and we were pretty sure we would freeze, but it turns out skate skiing is hard work, and we all worked up a sweat.

We also had a quick trip to Tucson, including the desert museum, hiking, and lots of cacti.

Christmas at home was wonderful and Becca and I hosted a middle school class reunion of girls and moms that was super fun.

Middle School reunion!

My birthday is 3 days before Christmas so I am lucky to always have family around.

Making a birthday wish on Becca’s homemade gingerbread cake

The break wouldn’t have been the same without the Resolution nighttime race on New Year’s Eve.

I was sad to see the holidays go, but grateful to have been able to do so many fun things with family and friends. I am looking forward to many more adventures in 2020! Follow us here and on instagram, but more importantly, have your own adventures and feel free to share a few stories with us!

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